Thursday, January 04, 2007

Featured seller: LemonCadet

Some days, I feel old.

The kids are screaming, the boss is grumpy and I - feeling every minute of my 35 years -- feel like something scraped off the bottom of Ugly Betty's shoe.

Then I see this...

...and I feel better.

I found this shop a couple of months ago and fell madly in love. I know that sounds creepy. Who falls in love with a frog and strange little spotty creatures?

I did. And you will too. Meet LemonCadet.

Your Shop Name

Your real name

Name of your first grade teacher
Mrs. Underwood. She said I reminded her of her daughter (or granddaughter -- it's been a long time and I don't remember).

When did you first start crafting?
Shortly after leaving the womb.

Got a day job? What is it?
I teach technical writing in the WVU School of Medicine.

What creation are you most proud of and why?
I made a Travel Journal for a round robin and I absolutely love it. I used BFK Rives tan paper for the pages and used Keith Smith's not-so-famous buttonhole stitch for the binding. I bought some handmade paper from my friend, Ann Marie Kennedy, for the cover. All of the spreads focus on the theme of travel. The end result is really beautiful.

What's the ugliest thing you ever made?
Oh, I wish I had a picture... When I was in Fourth Grade, I made a paper mache Big Foot for a project. After researching the beast for weeks, I made the internal frame out of wire then wrapped the whole thing in strips of newspaper coated with gluey wheaty wallpaper paste. When the overall shape was finished, I painted it brown with flat matte poster paint. It was hideous -- and not in a good way. I hid underneath a table and cried. They sent me to the guidance counselor.

Beatles or Elvis?
Fat Elvis, with a cape and rhinestones.

Chunky Monkey or New York Superfudge Chunk?
Chunky Monkey.

World peace or worldwide distribution of your crafts?
Worldwide disribution of my crafts would undoubtedly lead to World Peace.

Final words?
I do this because it makes me happy.


At 9:08 AM , Blogger LemonCadet said...

Thanks for including my shop on your great blog!!

At 8:26 PM , Anonymous Stephanie said...

Love the bigfoot story lemoncadet! I hope the counseling was helpful :)

At 8:26 PM , Anonymous Stephanie said...

Love the bigfoot story lemoncadet! I hope the counseling was helpful :)


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